Track Record

Dorado has provided funding to over 160 projects across six Australian States and Territories.
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Investment Philosophy

  • Long Term Vision

    Property finance can be challenging. Through steadfast commitment to our five core values, combined with resilience built into our systems, culture and people, Dorado stays ahead of the curve, achieving our purpose to endure in an ever-changing Australian property market.

    We have built our business by looking ahead to see where we think the best investment returns will eventuate, and taking a long-term approach to our relationships with staff, investors, and borrowers.

    Through sharing experiences and best practices that we have been exposed to in different markets around the country, we go beyond just providing capital to the developers and borrowers we work with, to assist in generating positive development and financial outcomes.

    No one has a crystal ball, but this philosophy has helped us find value in the market for our families and investors, and generate consistent returns.

  • Australian Property Specialists

    Dorado was founded by property, finance and investment management professionals, which has shaped the business over its 10 years of existence. We continue to focus purely on property finance and investment and have bolstered the depth of our team through recruiting property and banking specialists. We believe that maintaining this focus is the best way to ensure both success for our clients’ developments and strong returns to our investors.

  • Exit Focused

    Dorado is very focused on the viability of business plans and the validity of the proposed investment exits. It assesses risks from numerous factors using an extensive due diligence process developed over 10 years of investing in Australian property.

  • Investor Alignment

    The business got its start investing family capital and, as such, has always taken an investor first approach to both investment and management. This is evidenced by the management co-investment in transactions, the alignment of our fee structures and transparent reporting.

  • Focused on Risk-Adjusted Return

    Dorado has a broad investment mandate in Australian property, and aims to identify those geographic markets and investment structures that generate the best risk-adjusted return profiles at a given time. This doesn’t always mean the highest absolute return, which can often hide higher risks.

  • Social & Environmental Responsibility

    Dorado incorporates social and environmental considerations into everything it does. We believe that achieving investment returns, and achieving social and environmental returns are not mutually exclusive.

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Meet Our Team

Over the past decade, Dorado has put together an extensive team with real, direct experience in the property industry.
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