Dorado Directors, Tim Moore and Thomas McClung On How Developers Benefit From A Changing Funding Environment

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December 17, 2019
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February 25, 2020

When seeking funding for a property development project, the key issue for developers has always been the source of funds. In Australia, there has traditionally been an enormous focus on the big four banks, followed by second-tier banks and building societies. While over time a vibrant community grew in the broking industry to guide clients to options that optimise their terms and prices, the structure of transactions remained similar between major funders.

However, with the considerable increases in bank scrutiny, elevated role of APRA, introduction of BASEL regulations, and a considerable change in funding sentiment, major funders have reduced their exposure in the property sector, introducing criteria that excludes a host of previously fundable projects, including those with higher requirements of equity than normal, and those who fill equity from offshore investors, particularly China.

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