Our team of property and finance experts work in partnership with property developers through each stage of a project’s lifecycle.

Tim Moore


Tim is a co-founder and Director of Dorado Property and has over 30 years’ experience as a senior executive in the accounting, finance, stockbroking and property industries.

Tim’s knowledge is applied in providing strategic direction for the Dorado Property business. His experience and network also enables him to assist developers in a broad range of matters.

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+61 418 924 811
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Thomas McClung


Thomas is a co-founder and Director of Dorado Property and has over 25 years’ experience within the property industry, both in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Thomas manages the daily operation of Dorado Property and also oversees the corporate strategy, governance and financial management of the business.

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+61 430 627 828
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Peter Packer


Peter is a co-founder and Director of Dorado Property and is involved in deal origination and strategic direction in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

With a background in project management, development and real estate advisory, Peter has an in-depth knowledge of the property industry and provides valuable insight and assistance throughout the development project lifecycle.

Contact Peter to discuss funding.

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+61 408 926 990
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David Giles

Director - Property

David is responsible for deal origination, structuring and execution in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

With significant experience providing capital to the property industry in the U.S., Canada and Australia, David works with developers and property owners to solve their specific funding needs.

Contact David to discuss funding.

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+61 412 277 779
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Davide Bini

Director - Property

Davide is responsible for deal origination, structuring and execution in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

Davide has spent more than fifteen years in corporate banking with NAB, CBA and St George specialising in property development and investment. He started out his career with a degree in Construction Management and five years as a project manager with Multiplex before moving into finance.

Contact Davide to discuss funding.

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+61 473 123 294
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Jason Black

Senior Manager - Property

Jason is responsible for the due diligence and analysis of new transactions, as well as the ongoing asset management and oversight of existing projects.

Jason started his career in software development before moving into finance. He has spent the last 12 years in Corporate Banking with Macquarie, Westpac, Bankwest and St George, specialising in property finance and cashflow lending.

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+61 407 696 321
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James Khng

Manager - Acquisitions & Asset Management

James is responsible for the acquisition and asset management of commercial property across all Australian asset classes.

James has a background in investment banking and private equity, leveraging his experience and network to drive the strategic direction of Dorado’s Income Asset division.

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+61 435 227 750
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Emil Roue

Manager & Analyst

Emil is responsible for due diligence, research, financial modelling and development project monitoring at Dorado Property.

With a diverse background in residential property research and development, Emil’s analytical expertise leads to valuable insights regarding national and local markets.

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+61 416 343 350
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Anesh Hansjee

Property Analyst

Anesh has nine years’ experience as a financial modeller, working with large corporations, Private Equity firms, and most recently at KPMG as a Senior Consultant.

Based in Sydney, he brings his extensive background in developing and reviewing financial models to Dorado to manage an extensive due diligence process and provide a high level assessment of funding opportunities across Australia.

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+61 481 241 790
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Tracy Vu

Financial Controller

Tracy is responsible for financial operations, taxation and compliance at Dorado Property.

Tracy has a range of taxation and accounting experience that sees her provide valuable financial advice across all areas of the business.

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+61 433 993 355
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Brianna Bao


Brianna is responsible for supporting the Financial Controller in bookkeeping, journal entry, reconciliation, and banking, as well as support work for financial statement preparation and business activity reporting.

Before coming to Dorado, Brianna spent five years undertaking similar responsibilities whilst working for a public practice accounting firm.

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+61 425 261 533
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Sundy Sieng

Investment Administrator

Sundy is responsible for the investment management platforms at Dorado Property.

With diverse experience in financial markets and administration, Sundy maintains the integrity of all reporting, reconciliation, correspondence and data management.

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+61 431 616 407
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Kate Oatley

Communications Designer

Kate is responsible for communications and marketing at Dorado Property.

Kate joined the team after completing her Bachelor of Arts in Communications at The University of Western Australia, and postgraduate degree in Marketing at Griffith University. With a broad skill set in her field, she oversees the development and execution of all external communication and marketing campaigns at Dorado Property.

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+61 466 549 305
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Hans Taylor

Business Analyst

Hans joined Dorado in 2017 after completing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in finance and engineering, at the University of Western Australia.

Hans is involved in a wide range of special projects with a focus on compliance, business process improvement, and systems integration.

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+61 406 044 452
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Kim Burns

Executive Assistant

Kim is responsible for assisting Dorado’s Directors with a range of tasks, including coordinating strategic initiatives, investor updates, and office administration.

Kim has worked in marketing, property and funds management, and has considerable experience in relationship management, investor relations, and funds administration. She now employs these skills at Dorado to help with roles such as investor correspondence and compliance management.

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+61 448 422 486
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