Dorado Property is proud to be a community sponsor of cultural organisation, FORM – an independent, not-for-profit that develops and advocates for excellence in creativity and artistic practice in Western Australia.

Throughout its recent partnership, Dorado was fortunate to contribute to skills development and social support for disadvantaged residents in Fremantle through their 100 Hampton Road social enterprise initiative.

The pilot project provided cooking classes, shared meals, training programs and employment pathways for the residents of 100 Hampton Road – WA’s largest lodging house for disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

During the course of the program, FORM facilitated 16 job opportunities in catering, hosted six community events, served around 1500 meals and delivered 50 cooking classes – each outcome significantly contributing to resident wellbeing, confidence and skills development, and enabling sustainable employment pathways.

Local connections were also established between residents, the neighbourhood, local business and community services.

Following the success of the pilot program and set up of a long-term operation, the 100 Hampton Road commercial training kitchen now provides ongoing weekly skill development and training workshops and community building opportunities for the residents.

Dorado was proud to be able to support this local initiative as a small step to help break the cycle of disadvantage in Western Australia.