Case No 1

Victoria, Australia As the developer had a relatively limited track record and was yet to secure any pre-sales for the medical facility, senior bank funding… Read More

Case No 2

Western Australia, Australia The development was yet to achieve planning approval and did not have the requisite pre-sales that a senior bank would require. Dorado… Read More

Case No 3

Western Australia, Australia The developer had commenced civil construction works on a project prior to settling on it, but required a first mortgage loan to… Read More

Case No 4

The developer was able to repay the majority of their construction facility with the existing pre-sales, however several of these pre-sales were to FIRB approved… Read More

Case No 5

Queensland, Australia The project’s appointed builder had recently gone into administration and the developer was focusing upon securing a replacement. The developer required a mezzanine… Read More

Case No 6

Early works to the first floor of the building were partially completed before the project’s builder was replaced following a building licence issue. Concurrently, the… Read More

Case No 8

Queensland, Australia Dorado recognised the merit in partnering with a highly experienced group with a strong track record in the delivery, lease-up, and sale of… Read More

Case No 9

Western Australia, Australia The boutique apartment project was substantially complete and had secured several pre-sales, but the developer was looking to release equity to fund… Read More

Case No 10

Western Australia, Australia A developer who Dorado had funded previously sought funding to provide liquidity for an existing investor. Dorado conducted due diligence on the… Read More